When describing the selection process, I frequently referred to charts, and various data. The statements on these web pages helped me in this. In this article, I show how you can add your account to one of the best known statement managers and what kind of data is worth studying there, if you want to find out more information that is not included in the daily statements.

I mostly use the fxblue.com website (formerly operating under the name mt4i.com). In order to use the service, you can register on their website in the Fx Blue Live menu.


We get to a page immediately after registration, where we can set a lot of things in connection with our future report. For example, name, description can be added or we can select what data will be shown about our account.

I use two ways to upload data to the system. One of these uses the Publisher robot, the other is, when the website retrieves the data of the account directly from the brokerage firm. In this case, since the query is carried out independently from me, it will be the certified statement of fxblue.

The Publisher robot needs to be used like a Forex robot. You can find it under the Trader Tools menu of the Apps menu, as FX Blue Publisher EA. Once it is installed, only the registered ID and password need to be entered and it works already (only during trading hours).)

The disadvantage is that you need to run a MetaTrader if you want to use it. This is not a problem in case of Forex robots, because they need it too, but the other method is more advisable in case of managed accounts.

On the settings page of our account, you can find the Account sync link above the Change Settings button. This built-in application can automatically extract our account statement after entering our account number and password, and selecting the brokerage firm’s server without using MetaTrader.

From this point on, we can analyze our account statement via any web browser.

Under the Statement menu item, you can find a brief summary on the main parameters of your account. A complete list of transactions can be reached by clicking the Printable Statement button.

Under the Stats menu, you can find various reports.

Under the Charts tab, you can obtain a variety of data in graphical form. I just highlight some of them, including, but are not limited to: Floating (the value of floating positions), Balance (Balance in different time resolutions, also in percentages), etc..

Under the Symbol tab, you can find the results of each currency pairs separately. (In case of robots running on more currency pairs, I usually select here, on which one it is worth using it.)

The Month, Week, Day, Hour tabs show the result and effectiveness of trading broken down into to the given the timeline.

On the Strategy tab, you can see the results according to the strategies (It makes a selection based on magic number, I usually look at this in case of Forex robots that use more strategies, to find out which one is worth using it.)

If you do not want to analyze data of the entire account history, only data filtered on the basis of various parameters (duration, currency pair, size, etc.), you can set it by clicking the Filter button.

The Widgets menu point is also worth mentioning, where html codes of various small boxes containing charts and/or data can be generated, and then pasted to a web page, email or even forum post.

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Many people want to open managed accounts but only very few of them knows how to choose the proper account manager. Read the most important criteria and choose the best one that serves your needs well! The careful selection will be determinate for your future income. So read this before making any decision!

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