Higher yields in FXSTAT statements

The apropo of my writing is the statement of iRobot Relax, an account of a new managed account service, irobotfxsystem.com. Several people contacted me because the monthly return displayed on a picture on their website is higher than the yield of the accounts known so far. I was very happy, because, as you know, the managed account is my favorite form of investment. So I began to examine their offer more closely.

The conditions looked very familiar and I did not have to search for a long time, I quickly found that, unfortunately, this is not a new service, the RHO, TOTAL TRADE and ISA managed accounts – that can also be found on my site – are dressed in different robes. What disorientated me and my readers as well, was that the results are not presented using the wide-spread myfxbook statements, but on the site of FXSTAT. I have not yet figured out why, but the Monthly: 7,xx % next to the chart on this page does not have a lot to do with the monthly average, although at first I thought it did. Later on, scrolling down on the page, I saw the Monthly results table, and the results were far from 7%. Then I thought, this was about something else. I uploaded the statement of my own RHO account to the FXSTAT page, and lo and behold, I also managed to get results above 7%, although I have never succeeded in doing this, only on my 5gulden account. So, here is my own (click the image for full size):

So, I would like to draw your attention to examine the offered deals thoroughly, because sometimes they apparently do not seem to be what they are. Feel free to write to me, if you receive a good offer, because I also like to invest my money with higher yields, and I would be happy to share with you my opinion on the offer.

In the meantime, I got new information in connection with the iRobot Relax/RHO account statement that can be found on the irobotfxsystem.com website. The given account can be reached as RHO 1.2 on the myfxbook website of Anmaric.. his account does not accept clients. Currently, new customers are connected to the RHO 1.3-as account. So, if you want to open an RHO account via the aforementioned website or my site, the yields published therein can be expected.

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