Did you miss +200%? FOREX managed accounts in 2020!

These accounts have been running for a few months, and according to the current results, they brought the expected yield. Most of them overtake the yields of Forex robots currently running on my accounts.

Tracking Trading On Our Managed Account Over The Internet, From Any Browser

You do not need to do anything else, just to use one of the account statement sharing sites that can be accessed on the Internet. In my own experience, the services of myfxbook.com and fxblue.com are worth using.

How should the published results be interpreted?

The content of the tables is automatically generated by the fxblue.com system. I do not know the exact calculation method, but the principle is the following:

The popularity of FX21 account is growing

Already in 2014 and in the first half of this year, the results of the FX21 and the 5gulden accounts were similar. The advantage of FX21 is the higher capital protection and the lower commissions to be paid. And it can be started from $ 1,000.

What is the difference between a Ponzi scheme and Multi Level Marketing

My article has two apropos today. One is that people with too little information regularly blame multilevel systems that these are Ponzi schemes. The other is that we are all part of a financial system that can be regarded as a Ponzi scheme in principle, which is not illegal, although it will most probably fail at the end.

Selecting managed accounts

My opinion is that starting such an investment without these is like the Russian roulette. For example, let’s say the promised annual return is 25%, but only a chart could show that in recent times, the account brought say, 60% in 9 months and lost 35% last month.

Using fxblue.com

In this article, I show how you can add your account to one of the best known statement managers and what kind of data is worth studying there, if you want to find out more information that is not included in the daily statements.

Higher yields in FXST statements

Several people contacted me because the monthly return displayed on a picture on their website is higher than the yield of the accounts known so far. I was very happy, because, as you know, the managed account is my favorite form of investment. So I began to examine their offer more closely.

Managed accounts at IRONFX

One of my favorite forms of investment is the managed account, so I examine all these opportunities and if I find them good, I try them out. So, I set up a system of conditions based on the experiences gathered so far, to avoid losing my money on a bad investment again.

Tips, tricks for managed accounts

5gulden, RHO, Perfecto Emerald, Total Trade are all running at 3TGBrokers, this has a big advantage for those who want to distribute their investments between these accounts.