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Selecting managed accounts

My opinion is that starting such an investment without these is like the Russian roulette. For example, let’s say the promised annual return is 25%, but only a chart could show that in recent times, the account brought say, 60% in 9 months and lost 35% last month.

Higher yields in FXST statements

Several people contacted me because the monthly return displayed on a picture on their website is higher than the yield of the accounts known so far. I was very happy, because, as you know, the managed account is my favorite form of investment. So I began to examine their offer more closely.

Managed accounts at IRONFX

One of my favorite forms of investment is the managed account, so I examine all these opportunities and if I find them good, I try them out. So, I set up a system of conditions based on the experiences gathered so far, to avoid losing my money on a bad investment again.