Results of managed accounts in November

My accounts had quite a nice month. Total Trade lived up to our expectations and produced the best monthly result once again. I look forward to the end of the year, when I can compare the net yields as well.

Managed Accounts

Account Statement

Last Month Monthly Average Days Running

Total Yield

Total Trade 3TGBrokers 4,2% 4,0% 66 days 9,2%
5Gulden 3TGBrokers 2,9% 4,2% 990 days 292,4%
Perfecto Supreme 3TGBrokers 2,9% 2,3% 396 days 35,3%
RHO 3TGBrokers 2,5% 3,6% 1295 days 375,9%
Perfecto Emerald 3TGBrokers 2,3% 2,7% 889 days 123,5%
Perfecto Optimum 3TGBrokers 2,3% 2,0% 1227 days 127,3%
FX21 DCFXBroker 1,6% 2,9% 718 days 103,4%

5Gulden brought a better result again than last month.

Total Trade did not disappoint us. I feel there’s still some potential in it.

RHO was not known as a member of the midfield. Nevertheless, thanks a lot for this result too.

The result of FX21 is always the most fluctuating, but it is overall positive, and I’m glad about it.

Perfecto Supreme surprised me with its result and I was happy about it, too. The others occupy their usual places again in the midfield.

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