Results of managed accounts in November

A new managed account was added to the portfolio this month, the Artificial Quant account. As a result of this, it is now possible to reduce the risk through placing our investment with two separate brokerage firms.

Managed Accounts Account Statement Last Month Monthly Average Days Running Total Yield
FX21-ST6 DCFXBroker 12,7% 15,6% 326 days 400,5%
FX21-ST2 DCFXBroker 4,3% 5,4% 438 days 116,0%
ARTIFICIAL QUANT PriorFX 2,3% 3,2% 123 days 14,2%
FX21-ST1 DCFXBroker 2,1% 2,9% 1426 days 294,4%

The debut month of Artificial Quant on my site, was a little weaker than expected based on former averages. However, the Forex market is like this. There are better and weaker months. The results cannot be calculated in advance. However, it is expected that the projected average yield will be around 4%.

Owners of the ST6 account recorded the highest yields in the past month. It is true however, that this account caused the maximum excitement. There was a day, when the value of the account dropped 14.2%. But thanks to the already well-established strategy, the account not only worked off this loss, but generated quite a nice return too. The point is that we must not evaluate the performance based on a single trading day. Instead, we can see the real value of an account in a month, but actually on an annual basis.

The charts of the ST2 and ST1 accounts, due to their operation, have undergone similar fluctuations, although the rates of the changes were proportionately smaller. So, these accounts may be the right ones for those who can tolerate only moderate movements and are content with a more modest rate of return, along with the SB accounts.

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Many people want to open managed accounts but only very few of them knows how to choose the proper account manager. Read the most important criteria and choose the best one that serves your needs well! The careful selection will be determinate for your future income. So read this before making any decision!

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