Results of managed accounts in June

It seems, I trusted in a calm holiday in vain during the past month. June 2016 will be a black month in my memory. I drew the conclusions for myself. Investments should be split between multiple brokers for any case. Not to mention the fact that everybody should trade on the Forex market only with money the loss of which will not really hurt, because there may be circumstances when the account balance is lost even in case of proper care.

Managed Accounts Account Statement Last Month Monthly Average Days Running Total Yield
ST1 (FX21) DCFXBroker -0,5% 3,2% 928 days 167,2%
FX21-ST2 DCFXBroker -1% 5,7% 285 days 68,6%
FX21-ST6 DCFXBroker -2,9% 16,5% 173 days 148,3%
Perfecto Emerald 3TGBrokers -59,8% 0,0% 1093 days -0,6%
RHO 3TGBrokers -62,6% 1,4% 1499 days 100,4%
Total Trade 3TGBrokers -75,9% -11,5% 275 days -67,9%
5Gulden 3TGBrokers -77,2% 0,1% 1197 days 2,5%
Perfecto Optimum 3TGBrokers -79,1% -0,5% 1571 days -22,1%
Perfecto Supreme 3TGBrokers -79,9% -0,7% 1502 days -28,4%

( The above yields include commissions to be paid for account management and therefore the actual results are about 50-60% of the numbers visible here, depending on the account! )

In the history of the ST1 (FX21) account, a loss-making month is not uncommon. In fact, it is natural when traders work. Based on historical data, we can see that each low point is followed by a raise.

The loss on the ST1 was naturally followed by the ST2 and ST6 accounts.

The month brought the end of 5Gulden, Total Trade, RHO and Perfecto FX accounts. It is almost unbelievable, what happened to them. But time will heal the wounds incurred in our pockets. Let’s hope that it will happen as quickly as possible.

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Many people want to open managed accounts but only very few of them knows how to choose the proper account manager. Read the most important criteria and choose the best one that serves your needs well! The careful selection will be determinate for your future income. So read this before making any decision!

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