Results of managed accounts in August

Summer usually does not bring outstanding results. In addition, August tends to be the worst. But now, it seems that times have changed, and my portfolio closed with – although not outstanding – at least medium results.

Managed Accounts

Account Statement

Last Month Monthly Average Days Running

Total Yield



2,8% 3,8% 1205 days




1,9% 4,3% 900 days


Perfecto Emerald


1,9% 2,8% 799 days




1,7% 3,2% 627 days


Perfecto Supreme


1,5% 2,3% 306 days


Perfecto Optimum


1,3% 2,0% 1137 days


RHO knocked 5Gulden from the first position this month. But 5Gulden’s silver sparkles beautifully as well. Especially if you consider that it never had such a successful August before.

RHO, after last month’s modest results, earned quite nicely, despite the fact that summer usually does not bring outstanding results.

FX21 came in in the middle. I am already used to the fact, that it has an outstanding result sometimes, with which it adapts to its average performance.

Among the Perfecto accounts, Emerald  was the best in August. Despite the modest results, these accounts may bring better net earnings in case of small deposits (less than $ 2,000) than the accounts with a fixed monthly fee. This is why it is worth choosing these accounts in case of small amounts.

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Many people want to open managed accounts but only very few of them knows how to choose the proper account manager. Read the most important criteria and choose the best one that serves your needs well! The careful selection will be determinate for your future income. So read this before making any decision!

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