Results of managed accounts in April

In recent months, the new accounts were included in the list and they dramatically rearranged the pitch, taking the forefront. But do not forget about the risks associated with the high yield either, as not every month will be so beautiful. But I hope that the monthly average will remain so good.

Managed Accounts

Account Statement

Last Month Monthly Average Days Running

Total Yield

FX21-ST6 DCFXBroker 19,7% 23,7% 110 days 124,7%
FX21-ST2 DCFXBroker 6,3% 6,9% 222 days 61,8%
Total Trade 3TGBrokers 3,9% 3,5% 214 days 28,5%
ST1 (FX21) DCFXBroker 3% 3,3% 865 days 162,6%
RHO 3TGBrokers 2% 3,4% 1442 days 425,4%
5Gulden 3TGBrokers 1,9% 3,9% 1138 days 337,8%
Perfecto Emerald 3TGBrokers 1,9% 2,6% 1037 days 143,4%
Perfecto Optimum 3TGBrokers 1,9% 2,6% 1514 days 266,8%
Perfecto Supreme 3TGBrokers 1,3% 2,6% 1446 days 250,7%

( The above yields include commissions to be paid for account management and therefore the actual results are about 50-60% of the numbers visible here, depending on the account! )

The Total Trade account managed to get among the ST accounts, with a result well above its own monthly average.

5Gulden produced almost exactly the same result as in the previous month. I hope this will not be its trend from now on.

The Perfecto accounts are at the end of the list again, but the moderate yield is combined with moderate risks in case of these. They are still the best regarding the risk/reward ratio in case of investments below $ 3,000.

RHO remained in the middle, but I am confident that it will have better months.

The ST1 (FX21) account closed a month near its average. The higher-risk accounts derived from it (ST2, ST6), have highly beaten the rest of the accounts even with this average performance.

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Many people want to open managed accounts but only very few of them knows how to choose the proper account manager. Read the most important criteria and choose the best one that serves your needs well! The careful selection will be determinate for your future income. So read this before making any decision!

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