2014 was the first full year when all of my accounts worked from the beginning. The annual results are calculated after deducting the commissions, only taxes need to be paid on the money earned. Looking at the 2014 returns, there are unexpected results in the ranking. If someone followed my newsletters, this could have been already seen.

Managed Accounts Account Statement Net Returns %, 2014 Days Running
RHO 3TGFX 31,6 958 nap
FX21 DCFXBroker 20,2 480 nap
5Gulden 3TGFX 19,3 653 nap
Perfecto Emerald 3TGFX 16,0 552 nap
  1. The highest-yielding account of 2014 was the RHO account of Anmaric Enterprises. The competition was very strong. Calculated from the beginning, 5Gulden still leads the list of the monthly averages, but whether the ranking will be changed in 2015, noone can predict in advance.
  2. The second place, to my surprise, is taken by the account of FX21. During the year, it had better and worse months as well, therefore I did not realize earlier, how good its overall yield was.
  3. My favorite is 5Gulden. Unfortunately, it could take only the third place on the basis of the 2014 yield. The difference in the results of 5Gulden and FX21 is very small. Therefore, in case of a $ 2,300 account, their ranking would be in reverse order, but the yield of the $ 3,000 account is a bit less because of the allocation system. I am confident that it will get back the leadership in the annual yield in 2015.
  4. The Emerald account of Perfecto is at the end of the list of my accounts.

To sum up the year, it seems that you cannot predict in advance, which account will be the winner in which timeframe. The safest solution is to divide our investments between a group of accounts. Obviously, this can only work effectively above a certain capital size.

What can those do who are not able to invest into all the accounts?

  • For those who have at least $ 1,000 to invest, FX21 may be a good choice. It is worth noting that there is a 85% capital protection for this account.
  • Starting from an investment of $ 2,000, 5Gulden is also a good choice.
  • If you have $ 3,000 to invest, it is appropriate to divide it between the two previous accounts, that can reduce the risk.
  • Starting from $ 5,000, the Anmaric RHO account is available, which is a winning investment, not only regarding its return, but also because of the high capital protection.

In 2015, I expect some good news, too.

I know that the FX21 team is working on the acquisition of the EU license, which would significantly increase their after-tax yields and thus their popularity.

This year, I hope to be able to track the results of the other two Perfecto accounts each month. I do not know, whether I will do that on my own account, or someone else’s account, but I will definitely work on this.

The Total Trade account of Anmaric also seems interesting to me, so I also plan to open it this year.

In case of 3tgbrokers accounts, it is expected that the ratio of transaction size and trading size will be adjusted, giving hope that the return on bigger investments will be the same as that of smaller investments.

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