Start: AUGUST 2018

Minimum Deposit: $10,000


Start: SEPTEMBER 2018

Minimum Deposit: $2,000

Performance Fee: 35%

Level of Capital Protection: 50%


Security of our funds is our number one priority.

All client funds are securely deposited in managed accounts that are in our direct control. The trading team does not have any access to client traded funds. They cannot deposit or withdraw funds from our account. They can only place trades on our account in accordance with a Limited Power of Attorney and only get paid if they make money. This ensures they interests are aligned with ours. The funds in our trading account are under our control at all times and they are segregated so that in the unlikely event the liquidity provider should fail, our funds will be safe.

Expert Team

The traders have a combined 40 years of experience allowing them to achieve impressive trading returns while we monitor our accounts, from anywhere in the world via our computer or mobile devices.

They engage in continuous market research and development in order to consistently maintain the right trading stance with respect to the constantly changing FX and commodity markets.

Utilizing their proprietary trading analysis, during specifically isolated trading periods, customary price action is very carefully identified as most conducive to their underlying strategies. The trading team executes high probability trades and monitors all trades with respect to pre-defined risk parameters.


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