Results of managed accounts in April

The previous month was not outstanding either, but I had to be content with even less in April. Let’s look at the positive things although. None of the accounts has a deficit and I could also pocket some results.

Managed Accounts Account Statement Last Month Monthly Average Days Running Total Yield
ARTIFICIAL QUANT PriorFX 2,4% 3,3% 137 days 16,5%
FX21-ST6 DCFXBroker 0,9% 11,6% 521 days 607,0%
FX21-ST3 DCFXBroker 0,5% 7,0% 523 days 234,4%
FX21-ST2 DCFXBroker 0,4% 4,6% 586 days 140,3%
FX21-ST1 DCFXBroker 0,2% 2,8% 1540 days 325,6%

The ST6 account had to improve its performance in the last week in order to compensate its weaker results at the beginning of the month. It has fully managed this. But it seems it could not achieve more than that now.

The ST3, ST2 , ST1 and SB1-2-3 accounts took their shares from the profit proportionally. (ST1 is the basic account, the others run with position sizes and results in proportion to their numbers).

Artificial Quant, despite its modest results, came out on top.

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