Managed accounts have been changed

Experience of the past two years demonstrates that an RHO managed account is a stable, reliable investment. During its operation, it has brought a monthly average of around 4% so far, with minimal drawdown and almost negligible floating. Managers of Anmaric Enterprises, the company that operates the account, thought it was high time to position this product to a more serious level.

The minimum amount of account opening was increased to $ 5,000 starting from March 2014. The fee payable for management is 50% of the monthly result. A one-time contract fee of 5% was introduced as well, but that will only be deducted if the investment is withdrawn. The capital protection set in the software remains 70%.

Those who want to start with a smaller amount, still have the possibility to start a 5gulden or Perfecto managed account with $ 2,000.

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