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Results of managed accounts in March

I would think that spring, when nature revives, vivifies the economy as well. This may be so, but yields of my managed accounts fell behind the usual level in the last month. Since this is true for almost all accounts, I do not worry about it. I know, there will be much better months as well. In the meantime, I’m glad about the small, but positive result.

Results of managed accounts in February

The first four positions were the same in February as in January. The overall result of the portfolio is outstanding again, thanks to the ST1 account. Now I could be sad that my ST6 account is not live yet. But I am confident there will be more months like this.

Results of managed accounts in 2014

2014 was the first full year when all of my accounts worked from the beginning. The annual results are calculated after deducting the commissions, only taxes need to be paid on the money earned. Looking at the 2014 returns, there are unexpected results in the ranking. If someone followed my newsletters, this could have been already seen.