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Results of managed accounts in July

Summer is always critical in the Forex market. Interest decreases and therefore minor news can influence the market, which can lead to dangerous movements. Nonetheless, it did not cause problems in case of managed accounts. Each of them closed July with good results, but not with superior ones.

Results of managed accounts in June

You can see very well that wrangling surrounding the Greek debt situation does not influence the yield of managed accounts.
However, it affected the performance of the accounts of my Forex robots. The best result was achieved by the one that has not traded.

Results of managed accounts in May

Before we would examine, which account brought what, it is worth remembering that the results of these accounts should be evaluated on a yearly basis in fact. Taking out one month or one week is like a examining a free kick in a match. Of course, it influences the final result, but it does not decide the match. So, the monthly results must be seen as we would discuss a situation happened during a match later.