Alpha Production Account from a Swiss Asset Management Company

For me, Switzerland is synonymous with financial security. So, I was very glad when I managed to find a Swiss Forex Asset manager, Easy Neu Alpha Partners SA, a member of ARIF, which is an independent association founded for Swiss asset managers and recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

Another important factor in an investment is the brokerage firm where the account is held. The Cypriot resident FxPrimus brokerage firm is under the control of CySEC (license number 261/14). It received the Most Reliable Broker Award in 2015. The deposits at this brokerage are protected by Lloyd’s insurance, up to EUR 2.5 million.

However, the main advantage of Alpha Production account is not determined through the list of insurances and guarantees, but through its trading results. Fund managers Richard Morrish and Howard Friend have been recognized in this profession or a long time, they started to deal with financial matters many years ago. The two of them have a total of more than 65 years of experience in this business. Both of them work with a separate trading strategy, the benefits of which can be experienced in the Alpha account.

The results of Easy Neu Alpha Production account:

2016 March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
% change 9,1 23,2 -6,7 21,7 9,1 12,2 -9,2 -4,5 19,9 10,1
2017 Jan. Febr. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
% change 8,9 -1,4 -3,7 1 4,2 11,9 11,2 8,7 -1,7 3,8

As a result, the account has almost unique parameters:

      • Target monthly average yield: 7.5
      • Capital protection level: 70%
      • Minimum investment size: USD 100,000
      • Performance fee  on the generated rate of return (High watermark): 40%
      • Account Management fee: 2% of the capital in a year, which is deducted monthly (0.17%).

You can see the complete information material, which includes the results of the past 10 years as well, on this link:

Introduction Of Easy Neu Alpha Partners SA


The account opening, because of the strict Swiss regulations, is carried out in two steps. You need to register separately at the brokerage firm and at Neu Easy Alpha Partners SA that manages the account.

I will send the information required for opening an account in email to anyone who requests it via the following message form.

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